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You can now trade your #bitcoin #litecoin #dogecoin and many other #altcoins for $25, $50 and $100 digital Esso gift cards.

You can now trade your #bitcoin #litecoin #dogecoin and many other #altcoins for $25, $50 and $100 digital Esso gift cards. submitted by coincards to coincards [link] [comments]

[H] $9.9 on Walmart Gift card [W] $6 Skrill, Bitcoin,Dogecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash

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[H] $50 Amazon gift card [W] 85% Crypto(Bitcoin Cash, dogecoin, litecoin, ethereum, RaiBlocks, etc.)

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Buy eBay Gift Cards from eGifter With Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin!

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[H] Humble Namco Bundle 2 $15 tier broken up (Steam) includes Tales of Zestiria, Project Cars+12 dlc, and more [W] Tabletop Simulator, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or specific gift cards

I'm selling the games individually, so you can pick or choose what you want.
Tales of Zestiria
Project Cars + DLC
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade
ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition
Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition x2
PAC-MAN 256 x2
What I'm willing to accept: Tabletop Sim Bitcoins or Dogecoins, any other crypto I might trade for, but marked up
Gift cards for: Giant Eagle, Walmart, Amazon, Cricket Wireless, or Starbucks
I may accept PayPal, but I need to take some time learning it.
Please post here, even if it's just to say PM'd
Edit for nicer formatting
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[Winner’s Thread #57] Wow!! I never thought it would be me!!!

What a thrill this is!!!
I honestly was stunned (and a little overwhelmed!) when I realized I’d been picked this month.
I’m relatively ancient for a redditor, thoroughly middle aged - and a little bit of a technological luddite. Setting up accounts and sorting through all of the business end of this has been a learning experience. I don’t know how many hours I spent on that, but it was a lot!! Luckily, with a little bit of handholding from u/lilfruini I feel like I’m in pretty good shape (hope your physics went well!!). I have learned SO MUCH, and if nothing else, I’m grateful for that - I honestly had only the dimmest understanding of bitcoin and now I’ve got a bitcoin wallet! What?!?!
A bit about me… Middle aged like I said before. I’m a speech therapist, a plant lover (as has been noted already!), and I have a very rare neurodegenerative disease called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. It’s a progressive disease, and although nobody would wish for something like that, if you’re going to have a neurodegenerative disease, I pretty much have the very best one.
Honestly, I am pretty lucky. I’m in a profession that I love, a place that I love - all of my needs for shelter, food, safety, companionship are met… I know that I’m doing better already than so many, and I have so much to be grateful for in my life.
As to what I plan to do with donations… I had a lot of time yesterday to think about it!!!
First - I need some things for my students - I need a voice amplifier, and some new materials that I can use both in person and for distance learning. If I can find one cheap, I’d also really love to have a second monitor to make teletherapy easier to manage. I’ve already spent so much of my own money on teachers pay teachers and other sites, but there are many more materials and supplies that would help make this challenging school year a little better and easier.
Second - I have my eye on a couple plants - a rubber tree tineke and a manjula pothos… neither of them are very expensive or rare, I just haven’t felt like I had the leeway in my wallet to treat myself to those recently.
And last, but certainly not least. This week just happens to be Spastic Paraplegia Awareness Week! The Spastic Paraplegia Foundation (SPF) is the national organization dedicated to advancing research and finding cures for two groups of closely related, progressive neurological disorders (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia and Primary Lateral Sclerosis). I have been participating in all of the studies available to me - (knowledge is power!) and although I don’t have a lot of money to donate towards research, I certainly don’t mind being a guinea pig in the hopes that someday a treatment or a cure might be found. There are clinical trials going on in Australia right now and they’re working on funding to bring trials to the US as well. If any of you are so inclined and want to learn more you can check out
Thank you to all - and especially again to u/lilfruini who was an enormous help to me.
This has been a crazy 24-ish hours!!
I'm not gonna lie, seeing all the notifications about money coming into my accounts has been exciting, but what's been even more meaningful to me are all the kind words, congratulations, and well wishes from all over the world.
Pandemic, and protests, and fires, and everything else going on in the US this summer... It's worn me down... I've been feeling so very tired deep into my bones. All y'all have reminded me that it's not always this way - hope for humanity restored!! :)
My heart feels full and warm and I sincerely wish that everyone could experience this. It's amazing and even after the money is gone I will remember this feeling.
I'm not a millionaire! ;)
I haven't done the exact math, but I'm a thousandaire for sure. I hope all of you who have donated know that I genuinely appreciate it and I will be certain to put this money to good use. I've tried to keep up with thanking everyone - if I missed you it wasn't intentional (except for that one guy - he was a jerk!!)
Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me this amazing gift.
Everything listed should result in direct lines of payment to elle-mnop. We ask all users to donate at least $1 USD. The Drawing is also listed for users who want to see the results and confirm the validity of the winner.
PayPal: PayPal.Me/ElsjeC
Venmo: @elle-el-l
Bitcoin: 1M9TJvPpq5zdkbRtmq6L4G84FLUQQ8MMQ5
Ethereum: 0x27d1E8A8D433E45275FBB6B8f2b79A5aca7A8aC9
Litecoin: LSEyyaiFgcXZf3uvKpq6cxbnpExB9iGBPg
Dogecoin: D5seJW2GRPYg91R8oeBkEDnuiD9YZMXGTf
Nano: nano_1xyr5yxfokh6ww3bt7pdoazgxz7kfa93feomyyqk3juthd3majob3qrcurxc
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Would it be possible to make a bot that can allow people to gift gold with dogecoin by converting the doge to bitcoin and proceeding from there?

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Card for Coin Lets You Trade Gift Cards for Bitcoin or Dogecoin

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[H] Some games from HB, some gifts, dogecoin, bitcoin and paypal [W] The sims 3 +the dlc that come with it (The one from humblebundle)

As it happens i just sold mine a couple days ago and now my "gf" suddenly wants it all of a sudden. now for a list of my keys/games keys+links etc
Prototype steam keys (from the prototype building amnesia fortnight thing) Brazen prototype (from the prototype building amnesia fortnight thing) Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken joe danger 2: the movie Magicka + 2 DLC Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack Garry's Mod Cities in Motion 2 the sims 3 + dlc ( Keys, if im not mistaken, come out as origin keys) Paranautical Activity Teleglitch: Guns and Tunes The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC Batman™: Arkham Asylum GOTY Batman™: Arkham City GOTY Guardians of Middle-earth: Smaug's Treasure DLC Gotham City Impostors: Professional Kit Guardians of Middle-earth Batman™: Arkham Origins DLC Mortal Kombat Kollection The Lord of the Rings Online: Steely Dawn Starter Pack Space Pirates and Zombies closure rising storm Alan Wake's American Nightmare Steam Key Arma II Fish Fillets Mark of the ninja Showdown effect Sanctum 2 Natural selection 2 Magicka Dust: An Elysian Tail FEZ Starseed pilgrim Some are humble bundle gift URL's some are keys. Deal with it.
Origin games I also have some of these as steam codes, but those are a bit more :P Dead space Burnout paradise: the ultimate box crysis 2 maximum edition dead space 3 medal of honor Mirror's edge Command and conquer: red alert 3 - uprising


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[H] Payday: The Heist Gift [W] PayPal, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, or Offers

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[H]Amazon Gift Card [W] Bitcoins,DogeCoins,LiteCoins or Xbox Live

Pm Me i you want to trade
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Gift Store Launches For the Love Of Pets and Bitcoin & Dogecoin

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[H]$5 Amazon Gift card[W]Bitcoin or Dogecoin 85%

I have 2x$1 dollar codes and one $3 dollar code if you want to trade comment first here then pm
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Buy eBay Gift Cards from eGifter With Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin!

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Coincards' usage statistics (Monero ranks 3rd)

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[H]Xbox Live[W] Bitcoins or Litecoins, Dogecoins or Amazon gift card.

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Buy eBay Gift Cards From eGifter with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin!

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The list of best coins (in my humble opinion)

*This is not financial advice or suggestion. Just my opinion*
"S" - super
"A" - really good
"B" - good
"C" - has potential
"D" - keeping an eye on it
"E" - coins to gamble on

Digibyte [DGB]: "S"
I mentioned this coin a few times already. It's because DGB is a true successor of Satoshi's philosophy. It's the purest coin in the market. DGB is the "people's money".

Dash [DASH]: "S"
DAO and masternodes are the future. Satoshi had a vision of altruism. But we cannot expect people to be altruists and lend their infrastructure for the wellbeing of others. The community is just not strong enough to do so. Masternodes are a meritatory focused system to reward those who are willing to lend their infrastructure to be a node in the network. It's a win-win situation for the network and the node owner. Besides acting as a node, it allowed the development of some other features like optional privacy and instant payments.

Monero [XMR]: "S"
When we think about cash, one of its best features that come to mind is privacy. Monero is probably the most famous privacy coin. Transactions are private by default. Another great thing that Monero is taking care of is the prevention of mining centralization. Being able to mine a coin with a CPU is probably one of the main concepts we forgot when it comes to allowing every person to participate in the network.

Vechain [VET]: "A"
If you think about the use-cases of blockchain, you cannot forget how impactful it will be for supply chains. So far, Vechain is one of the best solutions. It's also the most adopted for now.

Nexus [NXS]: "A"
NXS is a coin that deserves to be in the "S" category. But there's still a long way to go for it to achieve that rank. It's a forward-thinking project. They understood how far decentralization has to go to achieve the real meaning of the word. They even though of the quantum computer problem. Fast database, satellites, quantum-resistant, decentralized internet, and user-friendliness are just a few keywords they focus on while developing the coin.

Bitcoin [BTC]: "A"
I'm somehow ashamed to put Bitcoin this low. But let me explain why I did so, while still keeping it in my top list. First of all, I have to say: "Thank you Satoshi!". Bitcoin got this low on my list because I have a feeling too many powerful people got their hands on it. Some got in for the right reasons, while others are not so benevolent. Bitcoin is not "people money" anymore. IMO (very very humble opinion), Bitcoin was a demo project. A very successful demo project. Satoshi gave us an open-source code as a gift to do with it whatever we want. Blockchain is the gift he gave us, not Bitcoin. And we (the community) did it. Bitcoin became a brand. More people heard of the word "Bitcoin" then "cryptocurrency". On the bright side, Bitcoin is the biggest network in the world. While this is true, hodling some is a good idea.

Litecoin [LTC]: "B"
At its time, not many understood what Bitcoin is, and what potential blockchains as technology have. Imagine how forward-thinking was Mr. Charlie Lee. He created the first altcoin. Technology-wise, LTC is a different coin. Mr. Lee didn't just copy-paste the code and name it differently. In my eyes, LTC will always be the "crypto silver" making it a good store of value and medium of exchange.

Chainlink [LINK]: "B"
I believe the solution they are going to provide is too important for the crypto space to ignore it. Oracles are the future, but until we don't see real use-case, it will remain listed as "B". Another reason that doesn't give him the right to be higher in the list is that it's an Eth token.

Dogecoin [DOGE]: "C"
When you think about content creation, you'll see it's highly centralized. Creators depend on the platform's policies and bread crumbs those platforms leave them even after people click on ads. One of the solutions to reward good creators is to make a fast and easy to use tipping system. The first thing that crosses your mind are probably tokens. But imagine a blockchain of its own that enables fast and cheap transactions. Yes, DGB is the way to go. But there is a coin with higher inflation which you don't want to hold for a long time, but spent around to reward other's work that helped you in some way or you enjoy reading or watching. Dogecoin has the potential of becoming the chosen one for this exact purpose.

Verge [XVG]: "C"
When Wikileaks added BTC as a donation medium, Satoshi politely asked to remove it because we were poking the hornet's nest. I don't remember he's exact words, but this was the context. A similar thing happened to Verge. It was like the flight of Icarus. Pornhub listed it as an optional payment method drawing a lot of attention to it. Verge was not mature enough for that kind of exposure. After that, it suffered an attack, and people gave up on it. But if you look closely at the technology behind it, you'll see it's a really good coin. It offers privacy differently then Monero does. If you already haven't, I strongly encourage you to read about Verge's tech. You'll be amazed.

"D" coins:
Polkadot [DOT]
Ethereum [ETH]
Electroneum [ETN]
Cardano [ADA]
Siacoin [SC]

"E" coins:
Theta [THETA]
Zilliqa [ZIL]
Decred [DCR]
Golem [GNT]
Enjin [ENJ]
Zcoin [XZC]
Energi [NRG]

Thank you Satoshi!
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Newb here, getting my feet wet. Some questions that are likely dumb:

Please forgive me for my ignorance, but I have a few thoughts as I dive into stocks due to boredom:
  1. As I understand it, you buy Calls if you expect a price of a share to rise, and Puts if opposite, with a higher rise and a total plunge giving maximum profit for each, respectively. And instead of owning the share, your initial premium paid is the maximum loss? (I'm not going WSB mode until I have full confidence).
  2. If a stock, or Bitcoin, is immensely expensive but expected to rise in value, is buying a % of a share still going to yield losses/gains, or do you need to own a certain amount of Shares?
  3. What are some reputable Finance advisory resources? I've never paid attention to any my whole life.
  4. I've heard both good and bad things about Penny Stocks. Are they totally worthless?
  5. My friend gifted me 20,000 Dogecoins, if they ever hit $1, WHEW!
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Earning money with Bitcoins: “QashBits”!

One of the latest innovations in the cryptocurrency faucet sector. A site with a classic structure to earn money with Bitcoins.
In this article we will talk again about a direct faucet that will make you earn money with Bitcoins by means of a proven structure, very similar to that of the faucet described in a previous article. QuashBits is shown with a main screen always made up of 2 menus, one at the top and one on the side, all well organized. To register, use a personal Bitcoin address also registered on FaucetPay.

Earning money with Bitcoins
Let's now proceed with the list of components of the central menu.

EARN BITS, earn Bitcoin:
- Faucet, which takes you back to the dashboard, is the classic claim that can be made every 60 minutes. The cryptocurrencies earned are called Bits and the award released will depend on the Lucky Number obtained. Occasionally some pop-up pages may open.

- Shortlinks, divided in turn into 2 submenus. Visit Shortlinks, whose links lead to advertising pages in which one or more Captchas must be resolved, which is why they notoriously pay more than the classic Claim. Pop-up pages may open. Shortlinks Contest instead shows the weekly ranking of users who have solved the highest number of Shortlinks.

- PTC Ads, this section is now inevitable on faucet sites and allows you to earn crypto by viewing advertising pages. It is not mandatory to keep the mouse on the page as it will be sufficient to let the required time pass. The main tool for earning money with Bitcoins.

- Jobs, an interesting section where you are rewarded very well by performing "social" tasks. Definitely recommended for its originality.

- Referrals, where you will be shown your referrals URL. You will get, with the basic subscription, from your subscribers a 10% on all claims. The percentages will increase by subscribing to a higher Membership subscription.

- Achievements displays the list of rewards that are received after reaching a certain number of Claims and Shortlinks, dedicated to large users of faucets.

- CPU Mining, where you will be paid 1 Bit every 60000 Hash. Recommended only for those with powerful enough PCs.

- Investment Game, practically a bet on the Bitcoin trend in the next 5 minutes after your bet. You will be free to invest the desired amount.

- Redeem coupon, if you have a code to use as a coupon. You will be given a small amount of crypto as a gift.

Not just EARNS:
MEMBERSHIP, various paid membership levels that will increase your earnings percentages.

LOTTERY, the BitsFree lottery. The cost of the ticket is 100 Bits / Satoshi.

CONTESTS, which each month will reward users with the highest number of subscribers and the largest amount of Shortlinks and Offers completed.

OFFERS, which includes surveys, bonuses for viewing videos and the most varied tasks. Several Dogecoins will be obtained but not always proportionate to the time spent since the surveys have a very low percentage of reliability.

BLOG, the section with the latest news on BitsFree.

MORE, in turn divided into several parts:

- Account settings, in which to enter the Bitcoin or FaucetPay address to which to transfer the balance and change the registration email and password.

- Withdrawals History and Deposits History, shows the last 25 transfers to your external wallets and all the deposits made on the site.

The side menu
The menu on the left contains many links to the sections previously described. From top to bottom you can change your account details, exit the site (Logout) or make the transfer (Withdraw). Just below the Bitcoin countervalue of the Bits you have available on the site is shown. Following is the Advertise section which offers the opportunity to earn crypto through links and banners directly on your site. This is a paid service and using the Deposit button you can send the funds you want to dedicate to it.

Even further below, your referral URL.

In the lower part of the dashboard, the left part is dedicated to all the information on crypto (Bits) earned while the right part allows, thanks to the Share button, to share your referral URL on major social networks.

We remind you that the transfer of earned Bits (Withdraw) can be converted into Bitcoin on your personal wallet or on FaucetPay. The minimum threshold in the first case is 50,000 Satoshi while for the second it is 4000 Satoshi.

See you soon for a new article on how to earn Bitcoins!

If you liked this article and would like to contribute with a donation:

Bitcoin: 1Ld9b165ZYHZcY9eUQmL9UjwzcphRE5S8Z
Ethereum: 0x8D7E456A11f4D9bB9e6683A5ac52e7DB79DBbEE7
Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

Telegram Channel:
Netbox Browser:
Horizen Faucet:
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Cryptocurrency faucet bots!

Step right UP! For i exhibit all I have known faucets:
a. TipNanoApp where NANO nowadays worth about 1$! (just claim and wait for 1 hour and the reward gets bigger the more you claim!)
b. where you just watch ptc ads that are not glitchy and other rewards that pays Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoins!
c. Welll i got you a telegram bot that gives you Ethereum and that is ETH gift bot!, surely try to find out! No investments I tell ya!
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Mr Bit Casino 25 Free Spins no deposit bonus code!

Mr Bit Casino 25 Free Spins no deposit bonus code!

Mr Bit Casino Free Spins & Welcome Bonus
In order to become a comprehensive Mr Bit Casino member, one needs to open an account. It can be done with the help of your social media account, or in a matter of a few seconds by answering a few simple questions: you will be asked to enter your email, telephone number, nickname, and read and agree with Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. As a registered player, you will have the possibility to play for real money and participate in various interesting events, contests, drawings, etc.
>> Click here for free spins <<

Security and Regulation

Mr Bit’s license and regulation provide safety and assure users that they are selecting a decent gambling platform. The official site has SSL encryption too. Having nothing to hide, Mr Bit provides all the details regarding its operation for those who want to check them out. Mr Bit takes players’ security seriously and presents only the amusements by the top-rated software developers with proven track records. Special authorities ensure that the RTP of games is publicly audited. All gaming results are Random Number Generated (RNG) which proves that the casino is fair.
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Mr Bit Mobile apps

Mr Bit has a fully functional and responsive mobile application. You can use Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry smartphones or tablets to enjoy the games.

Mr Bit Casino Games

Mr Bit understands the importance of providing only the best software, as this is the key factor determining website’s operation and gaming quality. That is why they collaborate with the leading and world-famous gambling brands, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playson, BetSoft, Booongo, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, PushGaming, Endorphina, RedRake, Booming, Play’N’go, NextGen, Amatic, Betdigital, Sidecity, Thunderkick, etc. On the website, you can find different types of games: slots, card games, video poker, roulette, live casino, as well as jackpot games.
Moreover, the latest novelties are regularly added to the vast collection of amusements. Everyone will easily find a game to his liking. If you’re looking for something particular, you can enter the title into the search tab and it will find the game you need at once.

Currencies on the platform

Mr Bit currently supports Bitcoin and Top-8 other alternative cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, NEM, Dogecoin. In the nearest future, their number will continue growing. Besides, you can get a euro-, rouble, dollar-, baht-account. SEK/NOK accounts in the Cashier will also be made available. Mr Bit follows the latest trends and makes sure that its users get the hottest offers not only regarding games but also payment options, for the sake of their comfort and convenience.
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Deposits and Withdrawals

On the site, you will find three ways to make deposits and withdrawals at Mr Bit casino. So all you have to do is choose the one, which suits you best.
  1. Those who have a crypto-currency account, are welcome to deposit funds through their crypto wallet, without any third-party payment systems.
  2. Those who don’t have a crypto wallet, are offered to convert funds through several available payment systems.
  3. Those who own regular fiat money accounts can deposit funds through a variety of payment systems at choice: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, QIWI, YandexMoney, WebMoney, Skrill,, Neteller, MasterCard (within Russian Federation), Entropay, online banking (Thailand, Indonesia), iWallet and more.
Other positive features are that the withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours on banking days and within 48 hours on weekends. Moreover, the luckiest players are able to withdraw up to 100,000 EUR per month, which is a great piece of news.

Mr Bit Customer support

To ensure only positive gaming experience, Mr Bit has provided English/Russian-speaking customer support, which is available 24/7. The operators are well educated in all casino matters and will be happy to help you solve any technical or financial issues. You can contact them whenever you need it via live chat, through e-mail or by phone.

Promotions and Bonuses

After signing up, every Mr Bit user will have a chance to get a generous welcome bonus package and have the most pleasant and profitable gaming start. The package consists of the following offers on your first 3 deposits respectively:
  • 125% bonus + 50 Free Spins
  • 75% bonus + 75 Free Spins
  • 50% bonus + 125 Free Spins
By activating all three gifts you can get 1,000 EUR and 250 free spins in amazing NetEnt slots. While making deposits, the players also get special points (the so-called ‘bitpoints‘), which are credited to their accounts and can be exchanged for money.
Weekly promotions, regular free spins and bonuses on deposits are available in the Promo section of the site. Make sure to visit it and not to miss a single opportunity!
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Mr Bit VIP Program

Mr Bit offers its users a system of statuses, which enables more rewards to most active players. This way, the higher the status of a player is, the greater the return on his lost funds (up to 10%) may be. At the same time, the exchange rate for collected bitpoints will also be much more profitable. VIP status holders are entitled to getting invitations to special events and other numerous perks.


We have tried to bring to your attention key information about Mr Bit casino and let you know what to expect from this brand new gambling site. Our impression is 100% positive and we are sure that by registering at this casino you will not be disappointed. Gaming should be easy, enjoyable, fun and fair – and that is what you get at Mr Bit!
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NEW BITCOIN AND DOGECOIN CLOUD MINING FREE !!! BONUS 1.00000 BDS !!! CLOUD MINING CRYPTO CURRENCY bonus 5000 DogeCoin. Bitcoin & Dogecoin Free New Mining site. Free Bonus 1MH/s Power How to Buy Dogecoin How To Setup A Dogecoin Wallet  Blockchain Tutorial ...

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[index] [20493] [3987] [6222] [12693] [17560] [752] [20142] [14925] [14716] [15719]


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