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New Hampshire Deputy Secretary of State Recognizes Bitcoin Contributions

As posted earlier, New Hampshire State Representative Mark Warden is accepting campaign contributions in Bitcoin. His campaign's treasurer recently met with the New Hampshire Deputy Secretary of State regarding the Bitcoin contributions. After examining the information, the Deputy Secretary of State said that he did not see anything wrong with the contributions, nor the way they were handled, and that he would take no action.
The stipulations fleshed out in the vetting process were that:
  1. Donations be accompanied by the donor's name and address, and
  2. Contributions are acceptable only from US citizens and permanent residents.
According to Warden's campaign manager, Bitcoin contributions are considered in-kind donations and are assigned a market value when received. Those values are reported on campaign finance reports.
I believe this is one of the first official rulings on the legal use of Bitcoin by a government authority. This is an encouraging sign, along with the statement by a spokesperson for the Finnish Central Bank, confirming that Bitcoin is perfectly legal.
Written by ben-abuya.
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– Bitcoin value spikes after hacker demands ransom in the currency. 04 September – US State Representative Mark Warden has added a Bitcoin donation system to his campaign website – Future of Bitfloor Exchange, top U.S. Bitcoin exchange, is in doubt as $250K in virtual currency stolen. Source: VentureBeat. Not familiar with Bitcoin? Watch this short video available on Bitcoin’s official ... Mark Cuban says Bitcoin can be a store of value While Mark Cuban thinks that Bitcoin can be a store of value, he doesn’t think it’s a particularly good one. By Robert Stevens. 2 min read. Jun 5, 2020 Jun 5, 2020. Bitcoin. Mark Cuban doesn't think that Bitcoin's a great store of value. Image: Shutterstock . In brief. Mark Cuban said that Bitcoin can be a store of value. But it's not a ... Mark Warden, a state ... Closer to home, the unprecedented surge in Bitcoin’s value—it’s currently trading at a record-high $812—has forced politicians to take note, especially considering ... Tech billionaire Mark Cuban also compared bitcoin to baseball cards, comic books and artwork. He said none have "intrinsic value," and there is less you can do with bitcoin than a baseball card. Founded by early mover Mark Warden, Porcupine Real Estate is comprised of Free Staters committed to helping clients find the right town and the right property. In order to make the liberty community as successful and powerful as possible, it’s important to support the people, causes and businesses that our community members represent. We practice that support every day and hope you will do ...

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What is Bitcoin's Intrinsic value?

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